Business broadband for you! Here are our very best prices for broadband. All you will need is router and the good news is your current router may do the job. There are certain exceptions, like Sky or BT where the settings are hard coded into the router, but if you have a standard, off the shelf, modern modem, it may be suitable for switching to ICTSUS broadband. We also offer the latest FIBRE to the CABINET – with amazingly high speeds. Please ring us on 07595-160009 and we will check to see if your telephone line can be upgraded to this latest super high speed broadband.


If you have an Exchange server, or remote access, you may wish to purchase a fixed IP address for your broadband. This costs an additional £1.50 + VAT per month

BT also have standard charges for various changes to lines:

All these charges are ex-VAT.

Enhanced care

Broadband Enhanced Care offers a 20 clock hour clear within BT Wholesale, a 4 hour response time, and is supported by an improved Service Level Guarantee. Out of hours engineering visits to site may be used to complete a repair if unrestricted access is available.

Broadband Enhanced Care offers a four hour response to reported faults and a Service Level Guarantee that an End User Access fault will be cleared within 20 clock hours of the service provider reporting it to the Service Management Centre (SMC). To achieve this, BT will ensure that engineers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to repair any End User Access fault covered by this product, providing that unrestricted access to the End User’s premises is available.